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Zane Campbell’s music is eclectic and personal. He sings everything from rock ‘n’ roll to country to the blues and writes about everything from his warfare with whiskey to the decline of Main Street to love gone sad. He is a storyteller and a showman, and he engages his listeners with his acutely perceptive lyrics and raw emotional musical energy.

These songs are from various albums that Zane has created over the years. None of the albums is currently available for purchase, but you can hear his music in the movie, New River: A Family Musical History Tour (http://www.filmbaby.com/films/1585). Zane plays regularly with his band and with his brother Hugh.

Zane’s MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/thehillbillymadman

Zane singing Bringing the Boys Home:

Post Mortem Bar (from Crank Up Ol’ Sparky)
Arms As Frail (from Crank Up Ol’ Sparky)
Memory (from Drinkin’ Whisky)
Don’t Run With The Pack (from Zane’s new, untitled record)
The Love That Was True (from Target Practice)
Eyes In The Night (from Genesis I)
One Less Fisherman (from Genesis I)
Main Street (from Zane Campbell)
Still Like To Rock ‘N Roll (from Zane’s new, untitled record)
Drinkin’ Whisky (from Drinkin’ Whisky)
Turn To The Wine (from Zane Campbell)
Paint The Town Blue (from Target Practice)
Bringing The Boys Home (from the New River movie soundtrack)