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Zane Campbell

When Zane Campbell was very small, he used to lie on the living-room floor and draw. We would look down at this little person with amazement and wonder where he learned to do that, for he didn’t draw the usual child-artist stick figures and houses with square windows. He drew real, fully formed people and detailed scenes of forests and battlefields.

Truth is, he didn’t learn. He just knew. And, we remain amazed at Zane’s talent, not only at drawing, but also at songwriting, creating music, and writing. He does them all with extraordinary flair. Since the muse that inspires Zane is so original and nigh impossible to describe, we will just let his art and his songs speak for themselves.

Travis Kitchens created a movie about Zane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYOw8TNYMAE