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Hugh and Zane Campbell

Hugh and Zane have been collaborating since they were small, when they arranged their plastic army men into complicated battle scenes on the living room floor.

They still collaborate, now in different mediums. Today, they both create music and they work together on furniture; Hugh designs and builds the furniture, and Zane sometimes adds art to it. They also worked with Tom Sims on his 2007 New River movie.

More recently, they both figure prominently in the book about Ola Belle Campbell Reed, Ola Belle Reed and Southern Mountain Music on the Mason-Dixon Line, by Henry Glassie, Clifford Murphy, and Douglas Dowling Peach, published in 2015 by Dust to Digital, the Maryland State Arts Council, and Indiana University.

This book focuses on the migration of Blue Ridge mountain people toward the Mason-Dixon line, the music they brought with them, and Ola Belle’s significant role in that musical heritage. This musical tradition remains in the descendants of Ola Belle and other southern musicians, including Hugh and Zane, Ola Belle’s nephews. The book includes two CDs; the first features Ola Belle’s music, and the second features music of people she influenced, including Hugh and Zane.

In all of these ventures, Hugh and Zane share their extraordinary talents and their stories.